About Me

I am an experienced V&V engineer with eight years of Requirements Engineering and Requirements Management experience in Rail and Aeronautical industry covering the full V&V cycle :

  • Supporting Requirements Elicitation and Requirements Allocation Process
  • Detect duplicated/similar Requirements or Requirements without appropriate traceability
  • Publish, Monitor and maintain the Configuration Baseline
  • Validating that the Requirements documents are consistent and complete
  • Maintain the source Documents Baseline and analyse impact on source document issue change.
  • Supporting Baseline migration, data recovery from various legacy baselines
  • Monitor and implement change, investigate change impact on the existing baseline
  • Generate and distribute V&V sheets for suppliers
  • Support suppliers in understanding the V&V exercise and understanding of acceptable V&V evidence (workshops, video presentations, one-to-one sessions)
  • Support the pre-review of the Requirements statements to ensure that responses are consistent and respond to the Requirements statement.
  • Ensuring that mandatory attributes are properly filled in accordance with the maturity expectations for Requirements
  • Support the acceptance of V&V evidence (workshops, one-to-one reviews)
  • Ensuring requirements verification evidence is available and that it proves that the design is compliant
  • Monitor, maintain and issue detailed trackers to support progressive assurance against the time-scale of the project or programme.
  • Produce compiled outputs from various suppliers
  • Identify and mitigate GAPS in compliance
  • Identify, produce, monitor and escalate the “Non-Compliant” Requirements statements
  • Using tools like DOORS or self-developed, Excel-based systems of V&V management
  • Contributing to lessons learnt and continuous improvement activities for all aspects of RBE, methods and tools

Please contact me for more details regarding my services.